Chris Benz Coat Made Entirely of Felt

Chris Benz - Resort 2012 Coat of Handmade Felt

Shawl in Spring Tones

Shawl in Spring Tones Hand-dyed Silk and Merino Wool

Felt Purse

'Althea' Bag Hand-felted Merino and Silk with Handmade Wooden Buckle

Chris Benz Reef Jacket

Chris Benz - Resort 2012 Jacket of Felt sold at Saks Fifth Avenue

Seamless Felt Coat

Seamless Felt Coat of Merino Wool and Silk

Cris Benz Fall 10 Lookbook

Chris Benz - Fall 2010 Dresses created with Hand-dyed Silk Charmeuse


Shibori Bootcovers Hand-dyed Hand-felted Merino Wool

Brown Felt Bags

More Felt Bags with Handmade Wooden Buckles